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problems are on the democratic side. >> sean: biden called his party whine any and lethargic. >> even the vote -- [ talking over each other ] >> sean: greta is next we'll see you back here tomorrow night. >> greta: it is official, no one knows, we don't know, and you don't know. you have no idea what your taxes are going to be come january 1. where are the deciders? they are getting out of washington so fast their heads are spinning. congress blowing off a vote on extending bush tax cuts until after the midterms. mike pence joins us live. i guess you are one of the few left. we have no idea what our taxes are come january 1. >> it really is uncon shone able. congress is going to finish up in a couple of hours. earlier today democrats passed by one vote, an adjournment motion that's gonna allow
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members of congress to head home to work on saving their jobs without doing a thing to protect the jobs of millions of americans that are gonna be facing higher taxes in january of next year. it just -- republicans fought it. amazing, 39 democrats voted with republicans against adjourning. and we have dozens of democrats who said they are willing to support tending all the current tax relief that's not what they are doing. we are going to adjourn congress so folks can go home to campaign with having done nothing to ensure that americans won't face a tax increase in january. >> greta: democrats say it is your party's fault. that the republicans were never going to take it up in the senate and it is your fault. >> well, i don't know how it is our fault. republicans have made it very, very clear that we believe that the last thing you wanna do in the worst economy in the last 25 years is raise taxes on anybody. we've been calling for a full
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extension of all the current tax relief for every american. look, the american people aren't very interested in the blame game and the finger-pointing between the house, senate republicans and democrats. what they would like to see is the bipartisan majority down the hallway that wants to extend all the tax cuts to get an up or down when the gavel falls tonight members of congress are going to -- as i said adjourn the congress to go home so they can work to save their jobs with not having lifted a finger to protect the jobs of millions of americans from tax and a tax increase in january. >> greta: with the 39 democrats that voted with the republicans not to adjourn until this issue is considered, do you think they a pass from their party so when they go home they can at last explain why their party which controls the scheduling of the votes, so they can say i didn't do it? >> i never speculate on motives. i assume good faith. i appreciate the 39 democrats
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that stood up and opposed an adjournment resolution today. again, i think it passed by one vote, their adjournment resolution did. this is just -- in this tough economy, families are hurting, small businesses and family farmers are struggling. we ought to recognize the bipartisan consensus in the congress today is to extend all the current tax relief to make sure no american sees a tax increase in january. unfortunately, that bipartisan consensus was silenced today by one vote. folks are going home. to me, what is going on here, is democrat majority is putting their politics ahead of your job. and the american people deserve to know that >> greta: you say you don't assign motive. "the new york times" highly critical of the democratic party for not calling a vote. although they agree>>ñr with president obama wants to raise it on those who make $250,000 more a year.
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you won't assign a motive. the mere fact that the motion for adjournment passes by one vote looks like they sat around -- they made sure that not everybody had to vote for it. they decided who did and who didn't. what are the odds that it passes by one? >> like i saw your show last night that's where i learned about "the new york times" editorial. i don't agree with the new york time. i believe we should extend all the current tax relief. make sure no small business sees a hike in january. you have to give them credit for telling the democrats, step up, man-up take a vote. if you think a tax increase in january is the way to go, then take the vote. what we've done here is seen the democrat majority literally pint. and they are putting politics ahead of prosperity. i think the american people are going to see through it. i think a lot of members of congress are going to get off the plane tomorrow and i think they are going to get an earful from their constituents.
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they are going to say what are you doing here when you have done nothing to prevent a tax increase in january from taking effect? >> one person has said about congress, dude they left us. meaning got out of town obviously they haven't yet left but it is imminent. they will all be getting on flights tonight without doing the vote. "new york times" angry, republicans mad. this may not be the time to alienate the american voters. this may be bad timing. >> this may not be over. speaker pelosi called us back a week into the august recess and if they head out of town tonight without having done anything to prevent a tax increase on every american in january, doggone it, i know it is political season and i know people have schedules we ought to get congress back here next week or the week after and we ought to make a -- take a vote and give certainty to working family, small businesses that there is going to be no tax increase in january. >> greta: congressman, thank
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you. >> he must not think he convinced america. six months later president obama is still trying to sell his national health care law to voters. in ohio the president found himself in hot water when a woman put him on the spot. word that she and her family would be subject to government run health care. >> the president: the main message i want to communicate. there was a lot of misinformation during the health care debate. i want to communicate that the -- if you are happy with what you got, nobody is changing it. >> greta: former white house press secretary dana perino joins us live. that's not -- >> that's not actually the case. we've seen that across the board. i can't remember which study it was, it was not right leaning. i thought it was on the up and up, 87 to 100 million americans will see their health care change there. is going to be change that's what he wanted. he pushed through a big massive bill and that's what
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they call wanted. they are suffering the consequences for it. but they shouldn't try to shade it that way. i don't think that helps his credibility problem. >> greta: they are not out bragging, they are defending. which is not a powerful position to be when you are on the verge of going into election. you want to be bragging about the great things you did not defend or explain. >> they thought last february by now everybody would at last be calmed down and not as mad about it or start to realize some of the benefits of it. intensity against this bill is just as high. karl rove will have something in the "wall street journal" tomorrow talking that. >> greta: the way it is structured doesn't go into effect -- a few things have gone into effect but it is hard to have anything to sell to the american people, because we haven't yet seen the things that are supposed to be -- >> one of the things popular for some, if you are a family and you have children in college that you can keep your
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child on your health insurance plan until they are 26-years-old. what a lot of people are coming from and some of the frustration is that we don't want our kids to be on our health care until they are 26-years-old, we would like them to have good jobs and shop around and buy it. >> greta: i think the people i talked to are pleased, you can't get dumped for preexisting conditions. >> everybody agrees with that. >> greta: in terms of the strategy of going out there and not a lot of democrats are running on the health care. >> no. i think i read in one of the papers, politico not a single democrat is running an ad saying look what we did, we passed health care. at the same time the president, vice president and the chairman of the democratic national committee is out there admonishing democrats telling them to buck up and stick with them. and it would be irresponsible if they didn't vote. it is kind of interesting
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their strategy. they get a lot of free advice and they probably don't need mine but if i were them, i would stop. >> greta: speaking of free advice. michael dukakis said he gave advice to the obama administration about how to stave off electoral votes. he gave this advice during a recent visit to the white house. i would imagine -- >> i would imagine that the current white house is pulling what is left of their hair out wanting to keep president carter, the hopeful president dukakis and even president clinton who has a lot of reason to be out there, president clinton is campaigning for more democratic candidates right now than president obama is because he's more popular. >> greta: president bush 41 clobbered governor dukakis with all due respect, he seems like the last person you want to seek advice -- >> the last person this current white house wants to
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associate with. >> greta: i think the white house is being polite. [ talking over each other ] >> michael due kiss came in and said this is how you do it and giving all sorts of advice and being respectful. thinking in their head this the last guy who should be giving advice. >> i absolutely think that's true. you can't turn him away at the door. >> greta: certainly is stunning. you mentioned the buck up. yesterday vice president biden and president bush were harsh on their base. not a strong position to be -- >> you mean vice president biden? >> vice president biden. it was interesting they all used the phrase buck up this is not a coincidence this is a strategy, admonishing people. you know when somebody says why are you in such a bad mood? it puts new a bad mood. you say i'm not in a bad mood. they like to talk about the fights among the republicans. infighting among the democrats
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is interesting too. >> greta: it is not inspiring to be lectureed to. that was the president's strength in campaigning he was inspiring. now he's insulting people by telling them to buck up. >> and get in line and it would be irresponsible not to. i think it is a good idea. the theory behind the backyard barbecues was a good one and a good format for president obama. but i think it is backfiring. i if i were them i would take a step back and have him be quiet for a few days. look at what the press corp is doing now. three backyard barbecues in a row. they are kind of bored. everyday he's struggling to defend himself on the economy, health care, explain to the american people this and that he's cool, detached. he's detached from reality. if i were them, i would take a step back focus on jobs and the economy and not worry about all these other things. >> greta: dana, thank you.
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and at thousands of newly refreshed holiday inn hotels, you always can. holiday inn. stay you. and now stay rewarded with a sweet dilemma. up to five free nights at any of our properties or double points. >> greta: there's a strategy session scheduled for tomorrow at the white house. who is going? speaker pelosi has sent majority leader h r are two of the big headliners meeting with president obama for one last brainstorm before they takeoff to campaign for the midterms. rick santorum joins us live. wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall in that meeting, i would? >> it is not going to be pleasant. the ship is sinking. they have to figure out how
1:15 am
they are going to bail as quickly as they can. the only thing they can do, dana was right. they have to stop talking. they have to quit focus attention here on wash to -- washington. more they focus attention on what they've accomplished the more the american public will get agitated and vote. democratic candidates want them to get off the front page. stop making news. and let them run their race where they can just go after the republican opponent try to localize the race make it about the economy tennessee of the republican or make it about something that the local congressman has done for the area. -- the more they try to fight back, the more they try to make their case that health care is really good and the stimulus plan really works the worse they are making it for their own candidates. >> greta: it feels a little late to have a strategy session. i suspect the three will sit down, i don't know who else is going to be there.
1:16 am
what could they possibly -- how could the conversation go down? gee, should we advise our team to go out and campaign on health care? the polls say americans don't like it. let's try the stimulus, 9.6 unemployment we can't do that. should we tell them to run ads and not identify themselves as democrats? that is not good. what's the strategy? >> the strategy, at this point is, as i said before, make it local. i think what you will see and what obama always goes back to is class warfare. it will be attacks on wall street. it will be attacks on big business. attacks on people who are exporting jobs. he will try to create boogie men and tie republicans to those things that are unpopular in america. you will see throughout the next whatever, few weeks, attacks on dividing america. >> greta: the most classic,
1:17 am
class warfare, money, taxes. i think like a lawyer, both sides. if i were running against a democrat who started saying republicans are obstructionists on this tax issue on the vote if i were a republican i would walk around with the "new york times" with the "new york times" editorial, scotch taped toi# head where the new york time is insulting them and telling them not to do things. everything i think the democrats will try to do has got a bit ofáj a problem becaue they are on the run. >> they are on the run because they have the wrong policy. they are unwilling to move to compromise and work with republicans. that's the problem. they could pass a tax bill tomorrow if they just would sit down and try to work out a compromise. they don't want to do that. >> greta: some of the things they've tackleed are long term not overnight things. stimulus bill 9.6 unemployment i don't think it has been a roaring success nonetheless we
1:18 am
have to let it play out. health care we haven't seen the benefits, another big thing they can't -- afghanistan we can't decide because that -- all these things are big huge slow projects, we are handling in limbo. >> it is worse, big, slow projects that are going poorly. they passed the stimulus package and the economy gets worse, unemployment gets worse. they pass a health care bill and we have record increases and we have the secretary of health and human services telling insurance companies, you can't blame it on us. it is everything that we said was gonna happen, that if you do these things is going to make it worse is happening. >> greta: there's so much ammunition even on the stimulus bill and the economy. summers said the recession is over. most americans without jobs don't feel that way. christine romer said 8% unemployment, that didn't happen. >> i'm not sure we are making
1:19 am
good suggestions for the meeting tomorrow. >> greta: i think the three are going to sit in the room and blame each other. ioí meeting. >> in a sense that's what i'm suggesting. they are going to blame -- >> greta: they should focus only on raising money and spread it out to the locals and let the locals do whatever they do. you are right, they shouldn't talk. >> that's my prescription, get out of headlines -- why am i giving barack obama and nancy pelosi good advice. if i were them, shut up, raise money and let the local folks try to salvage what they can which is probably not going to be much. >> greta: thank you. next, bristol palin is here, she made the cut last night again. she here to take you behind the answer scenes. if you think the lower 48 has wild politics, are you watching alaska? candidate joe miller is here and he's going on the record.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ before i find a love to let me live again ♪ >> greta: that was bristol palin on "dancing with the stars." how is it going so far? let's ask. congratulations now it is 2-0, right? >> yeah, thank you so much, i'm excited to be going on to week three. >> greta: was it easier last night the second time around? >> yeah, it was still
1:23 am
nerve-racking before i on but er. i was used to performing and i had a great time. >> greta: i heard your mother and sister were there, is that right? >> yeah, my mom and my little sister piper were able to make it. >> greta: what did they say to you? >> they just said that i did well and i remember looking out during the performance and seeing my little sister's face she was so thrilled and having a great time, it was awesome. >> greta: why are you doing this? >> i am doing this to get out of my comfort zone to do something any, fun and positive. something i'm going to look back on and be proud of myself for doing. >> greta: it looks fun. i always say sean hannity should do it next time, but he won't. i'm curious, how much work goes into this? >> a lot of work. my feet are swollen, i'm sore, exhausted but it is so rewarding to do live shows and stuff like that, it has been
1:24 am
great. >> greta: have you started getting ready for the third round? >> yeah. we are doing the quick-step -- the foxtrot, story. i -- sorry. i just started that today and learning the different steps. just getting that one down. then we've got four days until the next show. >> greta: how much control or influence do you have in early of the choreography of the dance or choice of music? >> we don't have much of an option in the choice of music. they give us our songs. the choreography, mark is great. he does all the choreography. if i'm not comfortable with something he will change it up. so far, so good. i've luked all the choreography and the music as well. >> greta: did you see the controversy? there was some suggestion, but it has been denied by the producers, that your mother was booed. it turns out they were booing about that -- about one of the other contestants?
1:25 am
>> it wasn't an issue to me i didn't know about it until they addressed it tuesday night. everyone in the audience and all the cast knew the judges were being booed because of the low scores they had given derek and jennifer. when my mom was announced the crowd went nuts. >> greta: interesting, you can't maneuver anywhere without getting a lot of attention. there's another controversy having to do with rum runners. what is that about? >> i really don't know what that is about. i'm guilty as charged. i ate nachos at a restaurant. it is a big deal saying i was at a bar. i don't know, just more controversy that people like to spread lies about, i guess. >> greta: it is interesting that whatever you do, we are following. we also follow the good things. you are getting involved in a lot of social things. you are involved now in a right to life project, is that right? >> yes, it is. i just did a fundraiser in
1:26 am
kentucky. i'm doing another pro-life fundraiser in northern california tomorrow. >> greta: are there other projects you want to get involved in? >> yeah, there's lots of things that i would like to do. there's lots of opportunities out there. i want to share my testimony and my message to young girls. i want to do a lot of things. >> greta: why do you go from "dancing with the stars?" i know you want to win and we wish you the best of luck. these things can eíke rather abruptly. one day you are on it and the next day you are not. what is the next plan? >> i'm just going from day-to-day right now. hopefully, i'll be able to write a book and continue on with my speeches. there's tons of things that i want to do. right now i'm just going day-to-day and seeing what else is out there. >> greta: did you ever think it was going to turn out like this? two and a half years ago your life was very different. you are a mother. spokesperson for different projects. on "dancing with the stars" this is a fast transition.
1:27 am
>> yeah, it definitely is a fast transition. never thought i would be on "dancing with the stars" that's a huge surprise to me i don't think it has hit yet. i'm having a wonderful time. having a wonderful time traveling. i'm just living it, just experiencing everything. >> greta: it is fun to watch dancing with the stars. do me a favor and tell the producers to ask sean hannity, because i think -- i think sean would be good at it. actually i don't which is why i'm asking because it would be fun to watch. any way, bristol good luck next week. hope you come back next week, after you do your third dance. >> thank you, i appreciate it. >> greta: next, the wicked political fight in the state of alaska. huckabee endorsed miller he crushed murkowski in the primary. now murkowski is back at him a write-in campaign. joe miller is right here.
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. >> greta: republican joe miller is in a slugfest in alaska against democrat mcadams and lisa murkowski now running as a write-in. joe miller joins us live near
1:31 am
washington. mr. miller's opponents are women come any time. -- are welcome any time. unemployment benefits, unconstitutional or not? >> i that i is best add straighted at the state level. where you have people closer to the people affected by the decision and leadership those are the ones who ought to make those decisions. frankly, i think at the national level, too many decisions being made at the federal level in the case of alaska thousands of miles away. it is important people have better response, better solutions. those are created at the state level. >> greta: when i hear that you get on -- i'm never sure what to believe or -- when i hear you say unemployment benefits aren't constitutional you are not opposed to providing benefits to help people . >> it is already add straighted at the state level.
1:32 am
funded through the -- government, funded including in that mandates from the federal government. our perspective is states continue to administer. they for in charge of all aspects of the program. clearly the money provided now through the federal government we prefer to come without mandates. we know because of the deficit situation there are -- that our country is faced with those funds are not going to continue at the rate they are now. when we get to the position where lesser federal funds are being provided the states are more efficient in providing the reduced amount of funding that is there because they are closer to the problem and they have better solutions for the people. unemployment compensation is a little more complex also. you have a contractual component where people are paying into an insurance program, expecting something in return. i don't think it is the government's role. it is better for the state to be in the driver's seat rather than the federal government. closer to the people affected. >> greta: what do you make of senator murkowski running as a
1:33 am
write-in? theres with a nasty ad calling her princess lisa, have you seen that? >> you are probably referring to it is not your seat >> greta: it is pretty ugly the ad. >> i think where we are at in this race are the issues. i have mcadams and the senator looking to the past. which doesn't offer a solution for the future. we've got a bankrupt federal government. that is standing on top of business. not allowing for job creation. is out perspective that the states in the best position to provide for those opportunities for people to get jobs. we've got a broken system. looking to the federal government to continue to provide when it is nearing that position where it is not going to meet its obligations in the future is not a good answer. we've to look to the people, private enterprise and get the federal government out of way to put that forward. >> greta: there's a poll that has you at 38%, murkowski 36%
1:34 am
and mcadams 22%. she is inching up on you. >> the rasmussen poll showed, -- probably somewhere in the mid those two. from our perspective it doesn't change the way they are approaching this. for us getting the message out which is jobs for alaska. the solution of the federal government to continue to pump money into the state without an -- alaskans taking care of the natural resources that are there is not the answer. job creation has got to be provided through the resource base that we have. that resource base we aren't going to have access to as long as the federal government stays in control of those resources. that's the answer for the crisis that alaska is in. what the other two candidates is providing is more of the same. >> greta: someone handed me a wire politico asked you questions tonight at a fundraiser here about personal finance records that the law
1:35 am
requires to you file within a certain number of days announce candidacy. you didn't answer it. they were supposed to be filed -- number one were they supposed to be filed last spring? and did you file? and if you didn't why not? >> simple answer is there was a require that we make a filing in may. we just found out about it today. simple solution get the filing in. it is going to be in by the end of the week. >> greta: why to you want this job? >> this country is in crisis i got eight kids. my wife is here. we are concerned about the opportunities those children will have in the future. concerned about their liberty they may or may not have we continue done this path that president obama has taken. frankly this is the path the government has been on the past decades. it is not what the founders intended. the founders intended state control, individual liberties. i think americans are
1:36 am
phenomenal people. we have wonderful opportunity. there's a work ethic here that is second to none. as long as we a federal government continuing to grow and expand its power. put down private enterprise. put down that spirit of competition and work ethic we are going to fall from our leading position and not have those opportunities for our kids. >> greta: you served in the gulf war, graduate of west point. a nagging problem our country is nation, men and women losing their lives. if you are u.s. senator you have to make decisions whether it is -- making decisions having to do with our war effort. what would you do? >> it is critical we support our men and women in uniform -- >> greta: we agree with support. sometimes supporting them is giving them more money, more troops, bringing them home, sometimes political -- anything would you do differently? >> it is difficult once you are committed and on a track. it is a complex situation.
1:37 am
we've engaged in nation building exercise, which i disagree with. i don't think it is the role of the federal government. i don't think it is within the constitution intent to go into other countries and decide to impose democracy. that's a choice of a country to make. i believe it is a purpose and duty of the federal government to provide for our common defense. that means zero in on those threats we have to our nation. that means we have to be more laser focused on those threats we face without being detracted by this nation building exercise. >> greta: what do you do with the men and women in afghanistan right now? >> we continue to support them. >> greta: does that mean more money, more men and women? support sometimes means bring them home because we can't do it for whatever reasons. >> as long as there's a threat they have to remain. it may mean we have to be focused on powers in afghanistan that would bind with us even though they may not be democratic.
1:38 am
forming alliances can get our national interests accomplished by taking care of the threats. that is why we are there to remove the threat not to nation-build. those are hard choices i believe the national interest is removing the threat not building democracies across the world. feel good policy is what i call it we've seen it. we are spread too thin to continue that type of foreign policy approach. we to get in, look at the threat, take it out and get back home. >> greta: joe, nice to see you. >> bill: president obama embracing progressive values. dick morris and dede meyers will explain. >> greta: we are life until the top of the hour. -- we are live until the top of the hour. does oprah winfrey hate david letterman? that's what dave thinks and he's telling all about the reason for the feud.
1:39 am
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by the all-new gator xuv 825i. go to tsee what makhis the fastest, most powerful gator yet. >> from america's news headquarters, i'm ainsley earhardt. a developing story out of washington. just a short time ago, the house approved a $4.5 billion bill to keep the government running past friday. the stop-gap spending measure is en route to president obama's office for his signature. the bill will provide money to avoid a government shutdown, at least until early december. further spending bills will be voted on after the november elections. in another developing story, right now flood watches are in effect in south carolina, up to new hampshire. remnants of tropical storm nicole are expected to combine with another system, drenching the eastern seaboard.
1:43 am
forecasters say some areas could get 6 to 10 inches of rain. as a precaution, the governor of north carolina has declared a state of emergency. i'm ainsley earhardt. we now return to "on the record with greta van susteren." thanks for watching fox. i'm lee earhardt now back to greta. -- i'm ainsley earhardt now back to greta. >> greta: did you hear of the tricky board games you are part of? census expected to release state population numbers the end of the year. it means the battle between republicans and democrats over redrawing congressional districts. the senior political analyst for the washington examiner joins us. you can get down in the weeds, but fascinating. >> i've been studying reapportionment among the 50 states after the census starting with the 1960 census this is old hat. but it is commanded by the constitution. congress refused to reapportion after the 1920 census so president hoover had them pass a bill that creates
1:44 am
an automatic reapportionment formula. plugs the census numbers into the formula it is a mat arithmetic and the 435 house seats are portioned among the seats. >> greta: what is predicted come next round? >> firms like election data services, polly data incorporated. taking a look at the sense us is estimates that come out -- come out heap year they've concluded the biggest winner is going to be texas likely to gain four seats. no other state is likely to gain more than one except possibly florida. texas is going to be the big winner with additional seas for arizona, nevada, south carolina, georgia. interestingly enough, california is projected not to gain house seats. that's the first time that has been true of california since it was admitted to the union in 1850. >> greta: who are the big
1:45 am
losers? >> ohio likely to lose two seats. new york could lose one or two seats depending on which firms' -- which firm's projections you go after. massachusetts which has a delegation of 10 democrats and zero republicans, they are going to lose one seat. new jersey, pennsylvania, michigan, my home state is gonna lose a seat. wisconsin, your home state is not, but they lost a seat 10 years ago. either minute or missouri is likely to lose a seat, plus iowa and illinois probably going to lose a seat each. >> greta: minnesota it shows the intrigue in terms of what happens. if there's a democratic legislature, which there is now and you have governor pawlenty, a republican right now according to the polls, dayton, a democrat is leading -- >> and could very well win. >> greta: already. suppose you have a democratic government none and democratic legislature in and one seat is going to be lost in minnesota.
1:46 am
who is gonna go? >> the answer is obviously the legislature governor will try to make sure when the music stops the republican doesn't find a seat. i think what democrats would do in minnesota in that eventuality not clear whether minnesota will lose a seat they will extent the central city seats that center around minneapolis and st. paul. those are heavily democratic, 63% on the st. paul seat, 70 plus minneapolis. they will extend them out far near the suburbs and try to collapse the two sue -- -- the two suburban seats. michelle bachmann is a great favorite of tea party -- they will try and pit them together. the irony is that michelle bachmann's seat the northern suburbs of the twin cities metro area has gained population at a greater rate
1:47 am
than any other party in the state of minnesota. >> greta: done you think the democrats would love to see her redistricted out of her seat? she is the thorn in the side. she created the tea party caucus in the house. don't you think they would love to see -- >> i think they might go -- what she might go back and say to them is look what i'm going to do, if you do that i'm going to the northwest seat, the 7th district represented by peterson, a democrat, kind of a blue collar lumberjack shirt type of democrat who has been chairman of the house agriculture committee i'll take him out this was george w. bush's best seat in the state of minute. better out there in lumberjack country than in the rich suburbs around the lake, near minneapolis. if i were bachmann i would say i'll take out one of your senior democrats if you try play that ball with me. >> greta: it is sort of a war
1:48 am
game even in terms of who you vote for is so important. great board game. >> politicians have been playing it for the last 10 years have been looking forward to redistricting. to reapportionment of the seats among the states and redistricting within the states. >> greta: fascinating. michael, thank you. >> a pleasure. growth next, the best of the rest. situation on dancing with the stars is a shock. snooki is uping the ante big time. >> what is the secret to a long life? apparently whiskey works for some. >> want to go on vacation in [ female announcer ] staynce... stay twice... earn a free night! two separate stays at comfort inn or any of these choice hotels can earn you a free night -- only when you book at one month, five years after you do retire?
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>> greta: here's the best of the rest.
1:52 am
we are guessing this will not be war and peace. snooki from jersey shore is writing a book. it is a novel with the fitting title, a shore thing. the publisher says the book will be about a girl looking for love on the boardwalk. expect the story to be full of "big hair, dark tans and fights galore." snooki once told "the new york times" she has only read two books in her life. we'll see if she likes writing them better. expect the book in january. for all of you whiskey drinkers we have great news. here's the story, the oldest living twins in the world just turned 98 on september 23rd. the sisters live in france and say the secret to a long life is whiskey and a bit of exercise. not in that order we are guessing. the women reveal good friends, good food and good wine helped them live a long life. congratulations to both. space seems to be the final frontier now it is more like disneyland. today a russian company announced plans to build a
1:53 am
space hotel. up until now, the only tourists who have gone into space who shared accommodations were cosmonauts. tourists will have their own space with beautiful views of earth. the hotel will be aimed at wealthy people. the hotel should be ready to open in 2015. finally, protesting erupted in greece, portugal, spain more than a dozen countries people taking to the streets, furious their governments are taking away benefits and lowering pensions to help balance the books. many governments across europe are putting in place budget
1:54 am
slashing and tax hiking plans to control massive debt. today workers in explain declared a general try strike. we are going to be watching the latest news out of europe. -- there you have the best of the rest. ♪ i love my grandma. i love you grandma. grandma just makes me happy. ♪ to know, know, know you grandma is the bestest. theotal package. grandpa's cooooooooool. way cool. ♪ grandpa spoils me rotten. ♪ to know, know, know you ♪ is to love... some people call us frick and frack we do finger painting. this is how grandpa and i roll. ♪ and i do pins fall ] grandma's my best friend. my best friend ever. my best friend ever. ♪ [ laughing ]
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash studio lights. it's time. last call. david letterman, oprah win free had a bit of a public feud for years. we thought it began in 1995 when david letterman made an awkward joke about oprah in the oscars however, it began before the infamous joke. >> in the beginning, oprah frightened me. i'm still trepidatious. >> she can sqwauk me like a bug put me out of the business z she mated -- hated me that. is what it was. i don't think she mated you.
1:58 am
i think it's because of the incident. >> no this, predates the academy wards. >> is that true? >> she hated me long before then. why would she hate you?. >> i'll tell you why. >> you're a likeable young man. >> here is what happened. all right. she and i turned up. she was with steadman. i was with my then girlfriend, both at a restaurant having lunch on vacation. i said to regina i'm going to make oprah buy us lunch. so, i called the waiter over, i called the waiter over, let me be regina. >> oh. that is not it. all right. all right. >> so the waiter comes over and he says sh i asked, the
1:59 am
bill? and i said this woman right over there has been kind enough to take care of our check. he says oh. absolutely. fine, thank you very much. now, as we're leaving. the waiter and we're kind of at the door. i wave to open pra. she waves back. now, the waiter thinks oh, sure. she waves. so then, we walk and got a free lunch. that is where it started. that is where it started. >> well, messing with oprah is probably not a great idea, but that is your last call. thanks for being with us tonight. make sure you visit our facebook fan page. then click the like button. for special access you won't get anywhere else. until then keep it here on fox news channel. make sure you write sean hannity and tell him he should be

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